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DIY Renovation Tips

There is much to be said about the personal fulfillment that comes from a successful DIY renovation job. However there is also much to be said about botching the job and becoming the butt of family jokes for years to come. Moreover precious resources such as time and money can be wasted redoing what could Read More

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Tile Installation

Installing tile in your home is considered a wise investment in that it ups the resale value of your property. If you are planning on a DIY job, here are a few pointers that can help you achieve excellent results from your project. Before you begin tile installation, you’ll need to set some clear boundaries Read More

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Renovating with a Budget

The news of the slowing property price boom may be good news for those who are desperately looking for a way to get into the housing market and buy their first home. But the news may not sound great for those looking to sell their house. Will you get a good profit from selling your Read More

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Tile Auction

Do you want to get the most out of your hard earned money? Do you want the best deals? Then a tile auction is a place that you should strongly consider visiting, until now! Luke Johnson, our founding director previously managed Laws Auctions Wetherill Park tile division, so he knows how important it is for Read More

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Home Renovations

“Home” is a big word—so to speak. It includes many things such as your kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio area, and more. How can tiles help you give your home a needed face lift, increasing its beauty and value in the process? Let’s start with the kitchen. A kitchen splashback could be a consideration when Read More

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Tiles come in an amazing array of finishes, colours and patterns as well as an abundance of shapes, sizes and materials. When selecting tiles, remember that the more texture and variation a tile has, the better it will disguise seams, scratches, irregularities in the base floor and dirt. For ease of maintenance, avoid solid colors Read More

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Whether your tile has been installed on the wall or the floor, the techniques for replacing damaged ceramic tiles are the same. Here are some tips for getting the job done safely. Always wear gloves and safety goggles for protection against flying shards of tile. As a first step, you will need to first clean Read More

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Regular Tiles

Installing tiles is not all about the fixing aspect. It allows for creativity and flair. Here are some tips about using accent tiles. First, “look before you leap” by giving careful thought and plan where and how you will use them. You will be living with your choice for a long time. If you have Read More

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When working with a self leveling compound, there is always the possibility that in your efforts to create a smooth surface for your tile installation, you in fact end up with a bubbling or cracking leveler. How can this be eliminated? As basic as it sounds, one of the most important things is to follow the Read More

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For many of us, the thought of tiling your own floor may be scary because you know that perhaps will make some errors in the process.  This being the case, a lot of people prefer to not learn how to do it.  But actually, it is much easier than what many might think. It can save Read More

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