Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Design Tips

Bathroom tiles are by far the biggest deal maker for your bathroom. But there are other bathroom design tips you could follow to complete your bathroom renovation project with 100% satisfaction. First, have a look at your light fixtures. One option is to swap your sconces for new ones. A set of glimmering chrome sconces Read More

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Bathroom Tile Treads

Give your bathroom some much needed TLC and watch it go from glum to glam with the latest bathroom trends. Let TFO keep you ahead of the game with the latest and greatest in bathroom décor. So what’s hot and what’s not for 2017? Let’s face it. The bathroom is one of the few places Read More

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Renovating with a Budget

The news of the slowing property price boom may be good news for those who are desperately looking for a way to get into the housing market and buy their first home. But the news may not sound great for those looking to sell their house. Will you get a good profit from selling your Read More

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Bathroom Renovation idea

In recent years, the size of bathrooms has been growing at a rapid pace. Visiting one of the model homes, you might just mistake the master bathroom for a bedroom because of its palatial look. Bigger sizes can certainly enrich your personal time away in the bathroom. But most pre-modern homes still have relatively small Read More

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Luxurious Bathroom Tilespg

What is a bathroom to you? Sure, you take a shower, wash your face and do various things like that. It may not be a place you spend much of your day in and you wouldn’t invite people to the bathroom for a party, that’s for sure! Being a personal space, not many people put Read More

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Bathroom Renovation Basics

The difference can be amazing when an old and daggy bathroom is turned into a stunning modern bathroom. A perfectly executed bathroom can be the highlight of the house as well as increase the property value dramatically. But if you’ve never done a bathroom renovation before, the thought of undertaking such a project could be Read More

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Bathroom Wall Tiles

We all want value for money, don’t we? That is especially true when it comes to a big purchase like new bathroom wall tiles. So, it stands to reason that if you are going to outlay money on some brand new bathroom wall tiles you want the best value for money that you can get.  Read More

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Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Find great ceramic bathroom tiles for your renovation project at Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney. The most important thing in your bathroom renovation is your choice of tiles. In fact these days, tiles are often laid from the floor to the ceiling in most bathrooms, making tiles the biggest factor to consider in bathroom renovations. Among Read More

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Bathroom Tiles Sydney

One room in the house that gets a lot of attention when building or renovating is the bathroom.  Probably the most important and costly decision that you’re going to make is what type of bathroom tiles to buy and where to get them. Don’t be fooled, if you’ve looked around at high end bathroom tile Read More

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Bathroom Tiles Online

It’s Saturday, you’ve just pumped out a 50-hour week at work. You still had to wake up reasonably early this morning and mow the lawn.  You’ve just walked out of the shower, cracked a nice cold beer and flicked on the sports channel. “Hey darling, we need to go down to the tile shop and Read More

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