Make Your Home Stand Out – Use Stone Wall Cladding On Your Feature Wall

Don’t just follow everyone else, create a unique feature wall and make a statement. There are many elements that can make your home unique. The use of a well-executed feature wall can truly transform your home which would impress everyone. Stone wall cladding Sydney is one of the most popular and effective materials people use to decorate feature walls. But it’s important that you make sure that you install it correctly. Please read on.

Being aware of the safety issues when installing stone wall cladding Sydney on a feature wall is very important. This is because it often reaches very high and there is often frequent foot traffic nearby. If a whole panel of stack stones fell off a wall, it could lead to a disaster. While people commonly use stone wall cladding / stackstone  as a feature wall material, the thickness of the product means it’s very heavy in weight. It may weigh upwards of 50kg per square metre.

To fix such a heavy material like stackstone on a vertical wall, it is essential that you choose the right type of adhesive. We recommend talking to one of our expert staff about which adhesive would best suit your tiling project needs.

If you are installing stackstone on a high wall such as a feature wall, it’s also suggested that metal angles are used to break the pressure applied to the wall and the ground. With hundreds of kilograms of weight on a vertical wall, it would certainly help to give some extra support.

Still want more information? Feel free to talk to one our experienced staff at TFO today, we’d love to help you. Choose from one of the biggest and the cheapest ranges of stone wall cladding / stackstone now online.

8 thoughts on “Make Your Home Stand Out – Use Stone Wall Cladding On Your Feature Wall

  1. I want to do a stack stone feature wall on a colourbond garage wall to make it look nice in front of a pool can it be done what would you fix it to ?

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. Stack stone needs to be fixed to a brick wall, concrete rendered wall or something that will take the weight of the stack stone.

  2. Hi I want to make a small stack stone feature under a window, its 1400mm wide by 500mm high, the wall is painted fibro which I can paint strip or “scratch up” what adhesive do you recommend for my situation? Many thanks!

    1. Hi there. We only recommend installing stackstone on brick or rendered walls as stackstone is heavy and needs structural strength.

  3. Hi I’m sorry my email is not a capital d it won’t let me change it I’m wanting a price on the stacks tone on your web page that is behind the free standing bath our wall is 2400 high x 3000 length could you please let me know many thanks ,