Stackstone Sydney – Then and Now

“Never going out of style”. We could certainly say this about stacked stone, a.k.a. stackstone Sydney, flexible stackstone, manufactured stone, and artifical stone. Even the Roman coliseum decorated some portions with this style. And now it seems that it has become more popular than ever.

What Exactly Is Stackstone?

Stackstone Sydney is a covering used for decoration and protection of walls and surfaces. It adds natural warmth and texture to your home. There are basically two forms of stone veneer. One that is made from real stone, and one that is not.

In the case of natural stone veneers, they are made from either stones that have been collected from someplace like a field (called fieldstone) or are cut from a quarry. The stones are then cut to a uniform thickness and weight to be used as a veneer. Another type of stone veneer is manufactured by pouring a kind of concrete mix into a mold of different styles. Iron oxide pigments make them resemble real stone. The stone veneer produced is then attached to a wall with mortar.

Natural or Artificial?

As you search for stackstone Sydney options you may be faced with the question above. What are the differences? This is what some of the professionals say:

  1. Obviously, artificial will be easier on the wallet. Some say even thirty to fifty percent cheaper than natural stone including materials, installation and waste costs.
  2. Artificial stackstone Sydney are also lighter so it makes installation easier and does not require extra footings.
  3. Being artificial means more creative designs, colors, and textures.
  4. Natural stacked stone, however, is said to be more aesthetically pleasing—no two natural stone installations are alike due to the natural variation of hues in the stones.
  5. Natural stone adds value and structural benefits to your home.
  6. Artificial is not as strong as natural stone.

With these thoughts it mind, you’re ready to make your choice.

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