Stack Stone Tiles – Are They For You?

Stack stone tiles are known by a few names like ‘stone wall cladding’ or ‘stacked stone’ to mention just two. It is however, becoming one of Australia’s most popular feature wall styles. As the name suggests, stack stone tiles are made of tiny varying pieces of stone, stacked on top of each other.

Stack stone tiles have a standard size panel of 150x600mm however other sizes are available. These panels can easily be fixed on a wall because the depth variances allow you to hide a uneven wall. This makes it ideal for exterior walls. Also, many are now enjoying using these products inside on feature walls and they look great. So rather than tell you where you can use these tiles, let us tell you where you shouldn’t use them.

  1. Plasterboard wall. While many people break this rule, it is wise only to stick stack stone tiles (which are very heavy) onto a brick or preferably concrete rendered solid wall.
  2. On areas where water can penetrate from behind. The reason for this is some of the stack stone tiles, especially black or grey, have a high oxide level.  When water is able to penetrate it, it may look like rust stains on the surface.

Please Also Note, Stack Stone Tiles Require Sealing

With those issues out of the way, may we strongly encourage you to consider this beautiful product. It can soften the look of a wall and add a real rustic feature to any area.

Some new products also available are stackstone look tiles. These are porcelain tiles which look like stackstone, but without the maintenance of natural stone. Come in to see our amazing new range of these tiles.

Why not speak to one of our staff at TFO? They can share more ideas and techniques used with stackstone to enhance your home. Come into our TFO showroom or visit our online tile store today.

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12 thoughts on “Stack Stone Tiles – Are They For You?

  1. Hi I’m after some stack stone grey color SO18F made in China do you stock this I’m after 12m2 could I get a price per m2 thanks Craig 600×150 panels

    1. Hi Craig, thanks for your enquiry. We have a in stock grey stackstone in that size however nothing matching that description code. Please give our office a call on (02) 8728 7800 or come and visit us in our showroom to view our full range.

  2. just reading the above questions and answer, i would like to stick stack stone directly to new common brick wall that is not rendered is that ok ? If so what is the best product to use for this application?

    1. Hi there, thanks for your question. Stackstone is suitable to be installed upon brick walls with structural strength. You could either use UNINOVA + NOVA ADDITIVE or SMP EVO, both will do the same job.

    1. Thank you for the inquiry. There is no problem using stackstone outdoors. It’s best however to be used on a brick or rendered wall as stackstone tiles are heavy.

  3. hi can u use stackstone straight onto a kitchen bench surround? ie:the walls of the kitchen bench which is laminate

    1. Hi there, Stackstone should be installed only on a concrete or brickwall because of the weight. Many of our customers use mosaic tiles to dress up their kitchen. They are affordable and easy to install.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry. Sure, you can install stackstones on outside walls provided that it’s a concrete or brick foundation that is rendered. A suitable adhesive must be used. We recommend the combination of Davco SMP Evo and Davelastic. Everything can be purchased at TFO. Feel free to call us on 9892 4833 for more information.

  4. Hi I was wondering what you do around corners, ie a fireplace. Do the stack wall tiles lock in around corners or do you have to meet them up?
    Thanks and regards
    Sharon Doyle

    1. Hi there, Stackstone is very common around fireplaces which can give the overall look a magnificent finish. Most of our customers generally mitre the edges so they meet up perfectly. There are also angles and trims you can purchase for the edges, hope this helps.