Rustic Tiles – Rustic is the Rage

Have you noticed that the new “now” is the “then” of long ago? So many have gone for the rustic, natural look that the market is now flooded with varieties of such tiles. Are you looking to get that soothing rustic look for your home décor? TFO has got the tools and the tips to make it happen. With top quality tiles at the lowest prices around, and in an extensive array of appealing tones, textures, and designs, you’ll find all that you need. Take a trip to our Sydney tile outlet or compare prices and purchase tiles online to save big. But what should you know about rustic look stackstone tiles?

With rustic tiles remember that imperfection is perfect. That is the primary characteristic of this style of tile. The distressed finish, tiny pot marks, chipped edges, or missing corners are all part of that natural or classic, old world look. Therefore, no two tiles are alike nor or they meant to be. The size, shape, and appearance will differ for effect.

Other than the imperfections, rustic style tiles are generally earth tone. So you will find them in terracotta, tan, brown, red, greys, beige and other colours that mimic the hue of stone, clay and similar natural materials.

For an old world feel in your kitchen, use rustic style stone look tile for a kitchen counter top or backsplash.

When using natural stone tiles, such as travertine, remember that they need to be sealed properly because they are very porous.

Let TFO lend their know-how and offer you an extensive tile collection that will help make your tiles the talk of Parramatta.

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