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Stacked stoneor otherwise known as Culture Stone is a fast growing trend for use externally on facades, columns, water features as cladding and internally on feature walls and fireplaces.

There are many different types of Stacked stone available made from slate, quartz, marble, granite, lava stone, blue stone and soon to be released stone and glass.

stones natural finishThe pieces of stones are in most cases used in a natural finish and cut into varies sizes and glued together on sheets approximately 150mmx600mm – although the sizes can vary. The pieces are set in a brick pattern and are stacked next to each other.

Architecturally designed homes feature Stacked stone as it adds strength, texture and colour to the designs. The depth of the pieces within the panels creates natural shading and texture combined with natural stone colour variations for an authentic feel.

Stone Wall Panels present a natural open cut and irregular surface texture which provides a profound link between architecture and the surrounding landscape.

Tile Factory Outlet specializes in Stacked stone sourcing the product from India and China, buying large volumes so that the low prices are passed on to you, the end user.

Stacksone -Marco Polo HotelThe TFO range of stackstone includes colours ranging from white quartz, soft cream marbles, rustic browns and reds, grey and silver quartz to black slate and quartz.

So if you want to add an architectural touch to your home go to our online tile store and buy your Stacked stone or visit the TFO showroom at Smithfiled today.

Different types of Stacked stone used as a feature wall in the Marco Polo Hotel in Foshan, China.

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