Shower Screen

Finish Your Bathroom With A Modern Frameless Shower Screen

You walk into a modern bathroom. You’re stunned with the sheer luxury of it. The polished marble tiles laid from the floor to the ceiling are so rich in character, they turn the entire room into a piece of sophisticated art. All fixtures are wiped clean of any spot and add bling to the bathroom. But you look to the shower and notice the daggy curtain. What a disappointment! A cheap and nasty shower curtain kills the look of the entire bathroom. If only they used a frameless shower screen!

Do not underestimate the effect of choosing the right material for your shower screen. In a relatively small room such as the bathroom, the choice of shower screen can affect the look of the entire bathroom for good or bad. There are many options to choose from when it comes to shower screens including frameless, semi-framed and full framed. There are different types of colours and textures of glass making the range of options even wider.

Out of all the options available however, there is nothing more modern and sleek than a clear frameless shower screen. The minimalistic look of a clear frameless shower screen adds spaciousness to the entire bathroom. Frameless screens don’t have rubber seals and frames where dirt can get in, therefore they are easy to keep clean and keep free of ugly mould and mildew.

TFO TM now has a range of frameless shower screens available at very competitive prices. All frameless glass screens are 1950mm high and they come in four different widths, 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm. Each screen is a 10mm toughened glass piece with polished edges for a more refined look.

Now is your chance to upgrade your old and dated shower screen or shower curtain. But don’t leave it too late, stocks are limited! Buy a frameless shower screen online now at the lowest prices never before seen.