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Sandstone Tiles Sydney – Get Distinctive Fossil Mint Sandstone Tiles

No natural stone comes close to the warm and rich colours of sandstone. Sandstone is close to the heart of many in Sydney because the whole city is basically bolted on this amazing stone. Sydneysiders have used this stone since the late 18th century as a prime building material. Some of the buildings which were built with locally quarried sandstone are still standing – the old post office and several banks, to mention a few.

In fact, Sydney has always had an appetite for this special natural stone. While it’s considered one the more premium choices in building materials, many of those who can afford it do not hesitate to choose sandstone over other types of natural stones. Sandstone may be used in numerous ways in building a home. One of the most common ways people choose to use sandstone is as a floor covering. Now, we see the biggest range of sandstone tiles Sydney has ever seen. Why should you once again consider using sandstone tiles in Sydney?

Increase the value of your home

Sydney loves anything with sandstone. That is reflected in the value of homes made with sandstone. Sandstone can enrich the historical look of the home. It also gives the idea that the home is built solidly. It’s worth noting that some leading real estate agents in Sydney say that homes built with sandstone products are likely to be valued 10% higher than normal. But the problem was, no sandstone tiles Sydney dealers were able to put affordable price tags on them.

Now you can find affordable sandstone tiles

While Sydney is surrounded and built on an abundance of sandstone, it’s unfortunate that the cost of acquiring sandstone tiles can be very expensive. But now there is a way to get a hold of beautiful sandstone tiles for amazingly low prices. Here at TFO, we import direct from sandstone quarries in India. Sandstone found in India is cherished all over the world including many European countries such as Britain. It is often the preferred option because of its amazing variation in colour and character.

One of the variations available at TFO is Fossil Mint sandstone tiles and pavers. As the name suggests, around 40% of these tiles have patterns that resemble the pattern of ferns that have fossilized. They are in fact mineral deposits. The colours of sandstone range from orange to grey and a pinkish colour in a subtle manner.

The best thing about this sandstone is that it is much more affordable than you’d think! Here at TFO, we have sandstones available from less than $40 per square meter. That is the price of normal ceramic tiles in some tile retail stores.

If you have a dream of building a house with sandstone tiles, now is your chance to make it happen. Love the rich colours and textures of sandstone tiles Sydney has never seen.

Come in to TFO today for the latest range of Sandstone tiles and pavers or check them online now.

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  • Kim Dunn August 2, 2015, 8:04 pm

    Do you still supply indian fossil mint sandstone floor tiles?

    • The Guys at TFO August 5, 2015, 12:23 pm

      Thank you for the enquiry. We are currently out of stock on Indian fossil mint sandstone tiles. But we hope to get them in again in the near future. For our current range of sandstone, please check this page:

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