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Stone Look Tiles – Best Time to Get Stone Look Porcelain Floor Tiles

There has never before been a time like now, where we are faced with such an enormous task of choosing the right tiles out of thousands of variations available. After all, the choice of your floor tiles can have a significant impact on the personality of your home. As the options for floor tiles continue to grow, one of the emerging types of tiles is stone look tiles.

Until just a few years ago, stone look tiles used to look clearly artificial, often using the same design and colour on every tile. Such tiles lacked depth and were simply boring. However, innovative technology has allowed manufacturers to add depth and true natural character to porcelain tiles through the use of digital ink-jet technology. Each tile can now be printed with a unique design and character making them look truly stone-like. It’s also worth mentioning that many of them are produced in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process which helps them to receive LEED certification.

Why Choose Stone Look Tiles

1. The look

With the help of the latest technology, manufacturers are now able to mimic the beautiful character of natural stones in fine detail. The freedom in producing virtually unlimited variations of designs and colours means that you can get designs of most natural stones. Available designs include quartz, carrara marble, limestone, granite, travertine and more. Stone look tiles are available in a wide range of colours from light to dark, so you can choose just the right colour to suit the colour scheme of your home.

2. Durable

Porcelain tiles are one of the hardest materials around for residential homes. Additionally, most European manufacturers put these tiles through various tests to test resistance against abrasion, bending, frost, discolouration, chemicals and more. In fact, these tiles are suitable even for commercial properties where there is high traffic. So you can rest assured that you have made the right choice if durability is of high importance to you.

3. No maintenance required

Stone look tiles require hardly any maintenance which is opposite to other floor materials like natural stone and real timber flooring. A glazed surface is highly resistant to water, chemicals and other damaging substances, therefore no sealing or special treatment is required. The high resistance to many elements also makes it one of the best suited materials for outdoor tiles.

4. Price

Stunning stone look tiles are also affordable at TFO. We import direct from some of world’s most reputable European tile manufacturers from Italy and Spain and then offer them to our end consumers at rates usually not seen in other retail stores. Coupled with the enormous amount of experience in tiles available at TFO, you are sure to find the stone look tiles you love at prices you just can’t ignore!
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