Buy Porcelain Tiles – Why Loved By So Many Aussies?

Firstly, it needs to be mentioned that Australians have always had a love of quality items. When you think of tiles, most Australian’s think of Italian tiles– the colors, the style and the new applications for those tiles. So why do Aussies love porcelain tiles so much? That is a fair question. Here could be some reasons for this love affair.

One simple reason if due to their love for renovations. According to some statistics, Australians renovate or remodel their home almost every seven years. So yes, Aussies love renovations! And with renovations comes the use and love of porcelain.

Many Australians like using porcelain tiles for their internal floors. The latest trend is to use large tiles with darker colors like grey. The beauty about porcelain is that it imitates natural stone and is chip resistant.  So with all this combined, it adds to the attractiveness of porcelain for Australians.

Porcelain Tiles for Walls

Yes, Australians also love using porcelain on walls. Why not just use ceramic tiles you might ask? It’s because porcelain possess marble’s classic style and elegance. It exudes class all round. It not only adds a touch of modern to your room but is also refreshing. In some homes, porcelain tiles are used from floor to ceiling and look amazing!

Simply put, porcelain tiles have a beauty that lasts virtually forever.

Another Benefit

Porcelain tiles have a very low degree of porosity, which is around 0.03%. This means that it does not absorb water easily and will not easily get tarnished either.

The Monalisa brand is one of the best and most recognized polished porcelain tiles on the Australian market. Tilers love to work with Monalisa tiles because of its precision and quality. In fact they prefer the Monalisa brand.

With this new found knowledge, you can confidently go ahead with your tiling project.  Come visit us at out showroom or visit our online store.  We have the best quality tiles at the cheapest prices available!

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