Terracotta Tile – Why Use It?

Terracotta is a term which implies baked earth. It’s a kind of material which is the main ingredient manufacturers use in making tiles. In fact, in ancient times the people of China as well as the Roman Empire were using terracotta. During these times they were using terracotta for water pipes and sculptures. But what about terracotta tile?

Design And Colour

Terracotta tile is extremely popular. Many are using these tiles inside their homes. Due to the versatility of this tile, you can fix it in many rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom. But you can use them not only inside. Many people are using them as outdoor tiles also.

TFO stocks this product in the traditional terracotta earthy colour. This provides a beautiful calming look. You can buy stunning terracotta tiles at TFO now. We have them at very low prices.

Terracotta Tile – Rosato Natura

In fact, TFO directly imports authentic terracotta tiles and bullnoses from one of the most established terracotta factories in Sicily. The Rosato Natura range features a beautiful terracotta tile shade which is ideal for classical and modern styling. These tiles are protected with a water-repellent solution called Kwikdry. This makes the maintenance of these products extremely easy for both indoor and outdoor use.

Therefore, come visit TFO and choose from our wide range of quality tiles. Our showroom is at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield. Alternatively, check out our online tile store and start shopping now. You will love what you see at TFO. Remember ‘visit us… or pay the price!’

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10 thoughts on “Terracotta Tile – Why Use It?

  1. Hi do you stock 100×100 unglazed terracotta tiles for interior applications – I’m trying to match some excitingly in my house. i am based in Canberra

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Sorry, unfortunately we do not stock terracotta in this size. We stock a 304x304x14mm terracotta tile.

  2. Hi, I am looking for terracotta floor tiles 25 cm x 25 cm x 2 pieces.
    I understand they may not be produced any longer. Would I be able to cut them from the 30cm x 30cm ones for the replacement.


  3. Terra-cotta Tiles size 315by 315 by 15 mm. Hope you have it, need them urgent. Thank you.
    Regards Stephanie.

    1. Hi there, our terracotta tiles are 304x304x14mm. If you have any further enquiries please give our office a call on (02) 8728 7800 and quote tile code #4647.

  4. I am looking for Italian terracotta floor tiles, 300 x 300 x 9mm, organic bull nose edging, very popular in the 1980 – 1990’s. I am in Brisbane. have some photos I could send. Otherwise I am told I can go to the Phillipines or Malaysia and get them made, but maybe you have some better ideas?

    1. Hi Bill, thank you for your inquiry. We currently stock terracotta tiles produced in Sicily, Italy. It’s available in both a tile and bullnose format. The terracotta tiles are 14mm in thickness and bullnose tiles are 16mm. They retain the classic look of terracotta tiles and would blend in nicely with similar terracotta tiles from a while ago. You can also have these products delivered to Brisbane through our third party transport company.