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Pool mosaics, whilst aesthetically appealing, have been a practical nightmare for years now. If you are thinking about tiling your pool let me explain.

In the past many have used mesh backing. This has not always allowed for enough tile adhesive to bind, causing problems years later when tiles start popping off.

The other option is paper face. The problem with paper face, however, is that tilers don’t like the extra work and charge circa $70 /m2 to lay.

Now though, Tile Factory Outlet has the latest and greatest innovation in truly pool safe mosaic tiles – Dot Mounted Pool Mosaics. It looks like each 48x48mm piece of porcelain has been stuck down together with liquid nails dots, and when laid correctly (it’s not hard) allows over 85% coverage with pool safe adhesive. They are much easier to lay than paper face or mesh.

If you thought that it’s safer to just tile the waterline, then think again. This product can sell for over $70 /m2. TFO’s price is only $39 /m2. First in best tiled. Please forward this article to any of your friends about to build or tile a pool.

Visit our TFO Sydney showroom and see our wide range of tiles at the best prices possible or visit our TFO online tile store today.

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