Love The Intricate Beauty Of Hexagonal And Round Shaped Marble Mosaic Tiles

Bored of endless options of mosaic wall tiles in square or rectangle shapes? Consider using hexagonal or round shaped marble mosaic tiles.

Most of us have some type of mosaic tiles at home. Whether they are in your bathroom, or on a kitchen splashback or feature wall, they add a beautiful accent to the area. Your creativity comes to life as you look for the ‘one’ that makes the perfect statement. But we have to admit, while there are plenty of colours and materials to choose from, creativity may be challenged by the number of shapes available on the market.

If that’s you, we now have the perfect options for you to choose from – hexagonal and round shaped marble mosaic wall tiles.

They are made by one the most reputable brands who dedicatedly manufacture mosaic tiles. The marble used to make these mosaics is carefully chosen from the best European quarries including from Italy and Spain. Some of the most popular marble for mosaic tiles is Italian Carrara and Spanish Emperador and they are all here at TFO. But the biggest thing about these mosaics is the shape. Made in hexagonal and round shapes, they add a completely different dimension to the area. It might just remind you of some old French café or a gallery. There is nothing classier when it’s combined with the delicate beauty of Carrara or Emperador marble. Below are some areas you may think of using these mosaics.

Bathroom Mosaic Wall Tiles

In most bathrooms, mosaic wall tiles are used in a narrow strip to add an accent to an otherwise boring room. But what about using hexagonal Carrara marble mosaic tiles on the floor or on an entire wall? The true beauty of these magnificent mosaics come to life when they are used in a large application. You want them to maintain their look for a long time, so make sure you seal them as soon as they are installed.

Kitchen Splashback

Many people choose materials such as glass, stainless steel and Perspex for kitchen splashbacks. But many don’t realize that using mosaic tiles on the kitchen splashback can be one of the most stunning yet affordable options out there. They are not only stunning but also easy to install as they come in a versatile 300x300mm size mesh sheet. Just like in bathrooms, it would be best to seal them as soon as they are installed, you don’t want them to be stained by oil or fruit juice.

These great additions to our mosaic wall tiles range won’t last long. Come in to TFO today while stocks last.

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