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Mosaic Tiles Sydney – Brighten Up Your Room With Creative Mosaic Tiles

Using mosaic tiles is a fantastic way to jazz up your room whether it be your kitchen splash back or bathroom wall. TFO is Sydney’s favorite place for the most creative but affordable mosaic tiles.

You may be familiar with the term “mosaic”, recalling pottery covered with small pieces of tile or a picture created from such pieces. The key word here is “small”. Thus mosaic tiles are classified as tiles less than 100mm square. In fact, a popular size is 5x5cm or even smaller. These small and versatile tiles can be obtained in glass, ceramic and porcelain varieties.

You will most often find that mosaic tiles are sold packaged in sheets pre-mounted on paper or mesh. This keeps the tiles together and retains an evenly and properly spaced pattern.

These are extremely convenient for the homeowner for kitchen backsplashes, entryways, and solid walls since much of the layout work has already been done prior to packaging. They can also be cut into strips to make borders, cut into various shapes to make accents, or features on walls such as in a shower or bathroom. Individual tiles can be removed from the backing and replaced with tiles of another color to create new patterns. They can also be purchased in sheets already laid out in alternating patterns. Their small size makes them easy to work with for creating intricate, personal designs and combining a number of various colors. Additionally using mosaic tiles of the same color can also create a modern look when they are laid out side by side.

These tiles are available in a wide variety of colours. Although they are usually very bright, you can find mosaic tiles in just about any colour you can conjure up. For example, some tiles are iridescent whereas others are textured in an unusual way to increase their uniqueness and spark the artistic interest of the home decorator.

As can be seen, mosaic tiles are easy to use, extremely versatile, and provide the means to get very, very creative when decorating your home.

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