Marble Floor Tiles Sydney

Marble Floor Tiles Sydney – The Sophisticated Look

Buy luxurious marble floor tiles at Sydney’s lowest prices at Tile Factory Outlet. Marble floor tiles have been used as premium building materials for centuries in Europe. Marble floor tiles have long been a symbol of affluence and sophistication, influencing architecture in Europe and around the world. Now, many modern buildings make use of classic marble floor tiles for its refined beauty.

Marble floor tiles can vary greatly in colour and pattern. It can range from light coloured marble tiles such as Italian Carrara to dark Nero Maquina – and many colours in between. The colour range will astound you. Marble is a recrystallized form of sedimentary rock, limestone, and this contributes to the dramatic characteristics that you see in each and every piece of marble floor tile.

Marble floor tiles can be used in a wide variety of areas in Sydney’s residential homes. While you may like to use polished products for internal areas such as living areas, hall ways and bathrooms, you can also find honed or an exfoliated finish which are suitable for outdoor areas such as pathways, porches and pergolas.

Enticing range of stunning marble floor tiles at TFO

TFO offers a wide range of marble floor tiles to suit any colour scheme you have in mind for your project. Our range includes Italian Carrara marble, Spanish Crema Marfil marble, Emperador marble and Pietra Grey marble. These stunning marble floor tiles also come in a variety of finishes such as polished and honed as well as size variations, enabling you to find just the right tile you need.

Prices of sought after marble floor tiles have long held back many people in Sydney who have the desire to enjoy its luxurious beauty. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’d find a tile retail store who sells any main stream marble floor tiles for less than $100 per square meter in Sydney. But the exciting news is that you now can BUY these marble floor tiles at a fraction of the price you’d expect to see elsewhere in Sydney. Tile Factory Outlet imports hand-picked top quality marble floor tiles from the world’s leading suppliers from Europe including Italy, Spain and Turkey. There are no middle men involved and that has enabled us to pass the savings directly on to you.

So, do not give up using luxurious marble floor tiles to make your dream home. Come visit Tile Factory Outlet and see the difference today. You can also buy Sydney’s most discounted marble floor tiles online, they are only a few clicks away.

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