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Introducing Marble Paris Cream

For years now, Sydneysiders have realised that if you wish to increase the value of your property, nothing gives a home more appeal than marble floors or a marble bathroom. The reason for this is because marble is timeless and natural. Very rarely does the design and beauty in nature come together so beautifully, allowing you to market your home to a wide selection of potential buyers. Paris Cream, an exotic marble sourced from Iran, has stunning natural characteristics that have taken thousands of years to form. Paris Cream is known as a light cream marble that has fossilised shells naturally occurring throughout the stone. This means that when polished, it creates a texture that camouflages most footprints that tend to show so quickly on other marbles.

600x600mm Paris Cream

Marble is also known as a product that retains heat in winter and stays cool in summer, so it feels great underfoot. Once you have had a marble floor you will never go back. Our 600x600mm Paris Cream is available in a special 15mm thickness. This thickness has benefits including the ability to be repolished years down the track to make it look new again.

A marble bathroom creates a WOW factor. TFO has sourced Paris Cream in a 300x600mm polished finish that brings out the natural colours and unique features in the stone. It also comes in a 300x300mm honed option.

This product has been distributed into the Eastern Suburbs under a different name for years and has proven to be in high demand. Now TFO has added this wonderful natural stone to our already extensive range of marble. We at TFO call it PARIS CREAM and are selling this product for a fraction of what it was sold previously to many Eastern Suburbians. Marble has been used as a prestigious building material for centuries. At TFO, we import this product directly, cutting out the middle man and passing the savings onto you. Come in to our showroom to view Paris Cream – you will be surprised with our incredibly low prices.

300x600mm Paris Cream

Here are some of the lesser known facts that we at TFO always try to provide for our customers:

  • All marble should be sealed. It is not a difficult or expensive job but important for you to know.
  • Allow 15% for wastage. No two pieces of marble are the same. You will find some pieces you may not love and may ask your tiler to use for cuts.
    By allowing the 5% more than usual for wastage gives you the option of selecting the pieces you don’t want.
  • Marble costs a bit more to install. This is due to working with the natural aesthetics and the installer understanding the material and the craft of working with stone. The best marble installers are craftspeople being able to
    bring out the natural characteristics of this stone by laying it in a creative way.

Try this remarkable exotic marble product. You won’t believe the prices at TFO in Smithfield.

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