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Marfil Marble – The Veins Of Marble Are Always In Fashion

Marble Look tiles have long been a popular choice in home design. For centuries, whenever mankind has wanted their houses to look more opulent, they have turned to this enduring, beautiful, natural product. Some like it for its feel, others for its rich veins of colour and yet still others for the cool temperature it maintains.

For whatever reason you are contemplating using this material, may we suggest, it’s worth it. The fact that you’re reading this article shows you believe it’s worth the time to study up on this incredible product. With modern time saving sealers available, marfil marble and other marbles can suit just about any tile application.

Marble itself is never perfect in quality or surface finish but its imperfection is, in my opinion, what makes it look perfect. If you disagree with me, please have a look at porcelain tiles. If you are still reading, that’s great. You are a marble convert. Now it just comes down to picking the right colour and finding the best price.

Furthermore, two of the most popular types are Italian Carrara known for its white appearance with black lines and the Spanish Creama Marfil, a cream marfil marble with delicate warm tan veins. These two marbles are great choices and if you are after these, please compare our prices – they are the best.

Check out our marble mosaic tiles at our online tile store or visit our showroom at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield, which is in Sydney. Get the tiles you love for the lowest prices in Sydney.

2 thoughts on “Marfil Marble – The Veins Of Marble Are Always In Fashion

  1. Hi, I have a floor which has a tiled called Ingrid Marfi and is 438 x 438 mm (17 1/4 x 17 1/4 inch). Would you have this tile in stock or can you source.

    1. Thank you for the enquiry. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact products you mentioned. However, if you can send us an image of the tile to, we may be able to offer you something similar.