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Calacatta Marble Look Tiles – A World Class Marble Look

One of the best marbles in the world is Calacatta marble which people consider to be one of the finest products of Italy. This unique piece of stone features colour variations. For this reason people regard it as a highly precious and unique marble. TFO has some great Calacatta marble look tiles that save on maintenance and price.

Ever since the very first civilization, people have been utilizing marble to improve a building’s aesthetic appearance. No wonder people still practice this tradition or architectural style. Many use calacatta marble Look tiles throughout their home including the general floor areas.

Because of the luxurious appeal of Calacatta marble, this is the number one choice for Sydney siders wanting to add appeal to their homes. At TFO, you can get beautiful marble look tiles, including stunning Calacatta marble look tiles.

You can get the best of both worlds. A marble look, however being porcelain you won’t have all the maintenance of natural stone. You get the practicality of low maintenance porcelain.

Why not compare prices or buy marble look tiles online from our online tile store or you can visit our showroom in Sydney Smithfield New South Wales today. Visit us… or pay the price!

1 thought on “Calacatta Marble Look Tiles – A World Class Marble Look

  1. If Calacatta marble is considered one of the finest products of Italy it is surely very expensive no? It has indeed a luxurious appeal…so shiny. I would love to see it around my fireplace. But I do not think I can afford it.