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Melbourne – How To Save Money On Tiles In Melbourne

The way to save money when buying tiles in Melbourne is to do your research thoroughly.You can start by visiting the local tiles shops to get ideas on colours, sizes and finishes.Visit upmarket new homes exhibitions and look at the many clever ways in which they use tiles Throughout the home, be it inside or outside. By the time you have completed your local research In Melbourne, you will have collected many ideas on how to best use tiles, including the various prices.

Not only how much tiles cost in Melbourne but also the significant difference in prices for the same or Similar product. This should encourage you to explore as to why such great differences in prices. An excellent way to do this is to go online and check out where the same or similar tiles may be available.
That is when you will come across Tile Factory Outlet TFO, you will be amazed at the irresistible prices on their tiles.

The more you buy the more you save. It will be a rewarding experience, saving you heaps.
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12 thoughts on “Melbourne – How To Save Money On Tiles In Melbourne

  1. Hi

    I am wanting to tile my shower in 100mmx100mm really bright tiles in many colours. Do you have any and do they have to be purchased in a box of one colour?

    Cheer jo

  2. Looking for 500 x 500 or 600 x 600 – 20mm Thickness Outdoor tiles to suit a raised floor system (Pedestal / Buzon).

    30m2 worth – do you have these and what patterns / colours? also the price.

    1. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have products that match your descriptions. However, we have plenty of outdoor tiles in 600x600x10mm.

  3. Hello, we are trying to match existing tile “terracotta Rossi ” G365803. If you have any or know where we can get some that would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact match for your tiles. However, we encourage you to come visit our store to view our full range of tiles.

  4. Hi, we are trying to match existing tiles. On the box it has ‘Vivace Ceramica’. They are 333×333. The batch numbers are VME2001A. 4017. They are a slate grey colour. I am wondering if you can help us or maybe point us in the right direction. Thank you very much, Leanne

    1. Thank you for the enquiry. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact products you mentioned. However, if you can send us an image of the tile to, we may be able to offer you something similar.

  5. Hi i am looking for few replacement floor tiles, brand is Hynes, range is Augusta beige 450×450mm please let me know ifyou have in stock

    1. Hi, we don’t stock any product by that name. However, please feel free to send a picture as we might stock something similar.

  6. Hi there, I’m after a replacement floor tile that I have been told is called ‘jimmy cricket’ if that makes sense? Pls let me know if I stock it or can get me a few? I can send through a photo too. Thanks