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For pick-ups please arrive 30 minutes prior to closing time.

 Labour Day, 1st Oct : Open 10am – 3pm

Large Format Panels

Please take into consideration the following information:

  1. You may be asked the following questions:
  • When is the stock required.
  • The quantity required.
  • Access to the site – for example: For an existing dwelling, do the panels fit through entries, doors etc.


  1. Allow a 48 hour turn around time for the order to be ready for pick up.
  2. The minimum purchase is 1 sheet/slab 3000x1500x6mm, one sheet = $195m2 or $877.5/panel (polished finish) and $180m2 or $810/panel (matt finish).
  3. The weight per panel is 63.32kg and for the crate 114kg. (12 panels + the crate is 870kg).
  4. For delivery, you may contact and arrange delivery with one of the third party delivery companies. Legal load limit capacities for each truck:
  • Uplift Transport (Anthony) – 5.50 tonne
  • Wayne the Crane (Wayne) – 7.50 tonne
  • W&M Transport (Wayne) – 6.50 tonne
  • TNR Transport (Tony) – 5.17 tonne
  • Secure Load (John) – 50 tonne

Transport company contact details


  1. If you decide to pick up the products personally, your vehicle must be suitable to secure and transport the large format panels. A deposit of $250 must be paid for the crate(s) and will only be credited upon the return of the crate(s) in good order. $250 will cover a maximum of 3 crates, a larger deposit will be required for extra crates. A crate register will be kept on the K: drive, documenting the movement of the crates noting the details of the customer, the quantity of crates used and their return as well as the deposit refund.Pick up of the porcelain large format panels must be from Warehouse 2 Unit, 111 Warren Road Smithfield (the driveway before TFO).



  1. Please clearly inform the delivery company / driver of the site conditions and any relevant information related to the delivery.
  2. The minimum order is one panel which will be transported in a crate. The crate is the property of TFO and therefore must be returned back to Unit 2, 111 Warren Road Smithfield.
  3. Cost of delivery will be as follows:

For the 1st crate $250; for any additional crates $100 thereafter.

For large volume orders prices are to be negotiated directly with the driver. The driver who delivers the crate(s) must also collect the crate(s) for return to TFO.

  1. Cost of picking up empty crates is as follows:

1st crate $80; for any additional crates $40 thereafter.

  1. Upon return of the crate(s), they must be in accepatble condition for the crate deposit to be refunded.
  2. There will be 2 options regarding the delivery as per below:

Option 1: – Upon delivery to site, the panel(s) will be taken out of the crate immediately by the installers in order for the crate to be returned back to TFO. The benefit of this is the crate is returned quickly for re-use and the client will save on the return crate pickup fee. The client will be responsible for coordinating with the driver and the installers to be onsite for delivery. (This is only applicable for 1 crate orders maximum).

Option 2: – For crates that are left onsite for the installer, the client must arrange for the crate(s) to be collected at a later date. A pickup return fee paid dircectly to the driver will apply upon collection of crates. (Refer to point 4).