Large Format Porcelain Tiles For Your Kitchen Splashbacks

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Kitchen splashbacks, is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? Are you considering installing a kitchen backsplash? You will no doubt be faced with a bewildering array of tile colours, patterns, and textures. But one option that has progressively regained its position at the top of the trending charts is large format tiles. But large format tiles as a kitchen backsplash—really?

The answer to that question is an emphatic yes! But why? Consider some reasons:

Okay, we all want to be cool, contemporary and with the times. So, if keeping up with the hottest interior designs is one of your aspirations, then large format tiles for your kitchen backsplash will help you achieve that goal, as large format tile backsplashes are predicted to keep making a strong comeback. Kitchen splashbacks.

Now let’s think about one of your most precious commodities—your time. A larger tile means less grout lines. Fewer grout lines mean less time scrubbing them clean. Having a larger tile means you can give them a quick wipe down and you’re ready to go.

Kitchen splashbacks, large format tiles save on another valued asset—money. They are considerably cheaper than a sheet of cut glass or even a Perspex panel.

Some worry that it may be difficult to install a power point over the tile. But this is rarely a problem as the hole created to put the cable through would be covered by the cover of the power point.

What about the visual impact? Having large format tiles widens the space so your kitchen area looks larger, whereas a plethora of small tiles and many intersecting grout lines can make the space look busy, keeping your eye flitting from tile to tile. Moreover, using rectified large format tiles will take the backsplash to another level. The precise cut of these tiles makes the grout joints nearly invisible. The resulting look is a sleek, virtually seamless surface of clean lines that not only make your backsplash chic and contemporary, but elegant with a touch of class.

Moreover, when it comes to the colours, styles and textures in which larger format tiles are available, the sky’s the limit. At TFO we stock a huge range of fabulous large format tile options that are guaranteed to suit your tiling needs. Consider some of our products:

These are just some of the attractive options offered to you at TFO at unbelievably low prices. Stop in at our Sydney TFO showroom and see for yourself the amazing prices and top quality of our over 350,000 m2 of ready to take home tiles. Not in Sydney? Check out our tiles online and compare prices.

4 thoughts on “Large Format Porcelain Tiles For Your Kitchen Splashbacks

  1. Hi

    Interested in installing porcelain sheets as a splash back. Do you have a branch in Adelaide or know of any suppliers in Adelaide?

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Sorry, we are only located in Sydney. Please give our office a call on (02) 8728 7800 and speak with Gino for more information.

  2. Hi,

    Looking for a large white marble tile for my kitchen splashback 2900×700. I was after the white marble with grey veins (not cream). Do you sell this? Do you have pictures?

    I would love a price including delivery to Hamlyn Terrace NSW.


    1. Hi Rochelle, thanks for your enquiry. We stock 600x1200mm and 750x750mm large format porcelain that is suitable for a splashback.
      Please come and visit us or give our office a call on (02) 8728 7800 and speak to one of our sales consultants for more information.