The Life Collection – Stunning Eco-Friendly Italian Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

Italian porcelain tiles are in high demand worldwide. People love porcelain tiles from Italy. They love them for their beautiful designs. Also for their quality, strength, and durability. But until recently, they were far too expensive for the average person. However, we at TFO now make it easy for you to buy porcelain tiles from Italy for very low prices. Come check out the stunning Italian Tiles Life Collection at TFO.

Italian Tiles Life Collection

At TFO, we have teamed up with the best of the best Italian big brands. We can therefore bring to you a fabulous range of the best Italian porcelain tiles.

One such collection that TFO is now offering is the “Life Collection”. This is brought to you by Castelvetro Ceramica in Italy. People love porcelain tiles from Italy and this collection is no exception.

This collection is available in 3 gorgeous colours. Piombo/Dark Grey, Bianco/White and Grey which is a mid-grey. With such beautiful colours to choose from, you are sure to find the right one for you.

The Italian tiles Life Collection is flexible and fabulous. Furthermore, the different sizes and finishes allow you to create any look you wish to achieve.

The below lists the sizes and finishes that we currently have available in every colour in the range:

  • 600x600mm, Internal natural finish
  • 600x600mm, Internal lappato finish
  • 300x600mm, Internal natural finish
  • 300x600mm, Internal lappato finish

LEED Certification

Whilst many in the tile industry fail to consider their carbon foot print, Italian companies certainly do. For this reason, they ensure that during the manufacturing process, measures are taken to minimise any impact on the environment. This thereby gives them LEED certification and results in promoting a cleaner and greener environment. Architects and designers are free to design and thereafter construct eco sustainable homes and buildings.

Advancement in digital technology allows manufacturers to create truly amazing designs. So watch out for this stunning porcelain tile collection. It combines the versatility of glazed porcelain with the elegance of natural stone. It can be used in any environment too.

Therefore, come choose from a wide range of Italian porcelain tiles at TFO or buy tiles online now. You will love what you see at TFO!

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