Italian Floor Tiles Sydney

Italian Floor Tiles Sydney – Don’t Settle for Less, Choose Italian

There is no doubt, Italians started it all. They lead the world in many ways including fashion, food and super car productions but one industry that should not be ignored is the tile manufacturing industry. If you want the taste of Italian floor tiles in Sydney, TFO is the place to go.

Tile production started back in the middle ages in Italy. Back then, each and every piece of tile was hand-made by artisans for churches and other important public places. As the technology developed and mass production became possible, tiles began to be used in private houses.

While the Chinese market has now exceeded the annual production of tiles produced in Italy as far as the volume is concerned, Italian manufacturers are still leading the way when it comes to new innovations and cutting edge design philosophies.

Are you on the hunt for some Italian floor tiles in Sydney? If so, look no further than TFO. TFO is now importing Italian floor tiles from some of the best known manufacturers in Italy and selling them direct to the public in Sydney. The long list of manufacturers include, Italgraniti, Refin, Gardenia Orchidea and so many more. The products these manufacturers produce also vary, with some producing world famous Carrara marble tiles, some producing fine timber look porcelain tiles and some producing some of the best quality tile trims in the world.

One unforgettable range of Italian floor tiles is Carrara marble floor tiles. The character of the elegant grey veins and white base colour produce truly inspirational designs created by nature. The name Carrara is the name of the city where the stones are quarried from. Marble has been used for centuries as a building material and which sculptures have been carved from, such as ‘David’ by Michelangelo. The dramatic yet clean appearance has been loved by many as a premium option to decorate their homes.

TFO offers Carrara marble Italian floor tiles at Sydney’s lowest prices. While other retail stores may have over $100 /m2 prices tags on Carrara, TFO sells them from only $54 /m2 (*subject to availability).

Come visit us and explore the world of Italian floor tiles. You will surely be inspired by their quality and above all, prices.

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