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The “Blendstone Collection” – Stunning Eco-Friendly Italian Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

There is much advancement in technology, including digital technology. This has allowed manufacturers to create truly amazing tile designs. For example, Magica Ceramica in Italy brings you the ‘Blendstone Collection’.

This collection is no exception for amazing quality and design. People love porcelain tiles from Italy. They love them not only for their designs but also for their versatility and durability. This ‘Blendstone Collection’ is just that, versatile and durable.

The “Blendstone Collection”

Firstly, it’s important to know that the ‘Blendstone collection’ is available in 5 colours. These colours are:

‘Ivory’ which is a soft cream,

‘Nut’ which is a rich walnut colour,

‘Pepper’ being a warm grey with a hint of beige,

‘Grey’ a mid-grey, and

‘Dark’ which is a charcoal colour.

In fact, with such beautiful colours to choose from, you are sure to find what you are after.

Furthermore, many in the industry fail to consider their carbon footprint. However, Magica Ceramica is endeavouring to ensure that they take measures to minimise any impact on the environment. This is so especially during the manufacturing process. They ultimately want to promote a cleaner and greener environment. With this collection, Magica allows architects to first design, and thereafter construct, eco sustainable homes and buildings. You can see this by the credits given to this “Blendstone collection” towards LEED certification.

Moreover, they combine this eco-friendliness with the flexibility of different sizes and finishes. This allows designers and architects from around the world to be fully capable of creating nearly any look their client wishes.

At any rate, the below lists the sizes and finishes that are available in every colour within the range:

  • 600x600mm, internal matt finish
  • 600x600mm, external R11 finish
  • 300x600mm, internal matt finish
  • 300x600mm, external R11 finish
  • 450x900mm internal matt finish

Therefore, watch out for this stunning product. It combines the versatility of glazed porcelain with the elegance of natural stone. There is nearly no environment where you can not use this fabulous product.

Choose from a wide range of Italian porcelain tiles now. Above all, visit TFO’s showroom at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield. You will see what great tiles we have in stock. Or you can also check our online tile store and start shopping now.

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2 thoughts on “The “Blendstone Collection” – Stunning Eco-Friendly Italian Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

  1. Hi
    Can you please quote me on 45 sq metres of the blend stone ivory in 450 x 900 internal + delivery to post code 4078 Brisbane.