What Are the Best Prices for Floor Tiles in Sydney Right Now

What Are the Best Prices for Floor Tiles in Sydney Right Now?

We all love great looking tiles. When building a new home or renovating, you look for the best quality and best looking tiles without a doubt. Finding beautiful floor tiles is not necessarily hard. There are hundreds of tile retail stores in Sydney with so many options to choose from.

But not many of us can make a decision on which beautiful floor tiles to buy before seeing the price tag. In fact, quality floor tiles are expensive and generally the options start to get somewhat limited when you are looking for floor tiles with a limited budget in mind. Purchasing floor tiles can be a costly outlay as the area you’re planning to cover is likely large.

But don’t give up on finding tiles you love at low prices. Here at TFO, you’ll find a wide variety of floor tiles at prices never seen before in Sydney. They are genuinely great quality tiles, no end of line or discontinued stock from a closed down factory. We import tiles directly from manufacturers abroad and sell them direct to the public with the lowest margins possible. Below are price guidelines for a variety of floor tiles available at TFO.

Timber look floor tiles

In recent years, timber look porcelain floor tiles have been increasingly popular. Advanced technology has allowed many manufacturers to reproduce the warm character of natural timber in fine detail. Italian and Spanish manufacturers are making some of the most innovative timber look floor tiles while Chinese manufacturers are imitating their success and producing reliable products at reasonable prices. Here at TFO, you’ll find timber look floor tiles starting from just $25 /m2*. Even European timber look tiles are available from as low as $31 /m2*.

Travertine floor tiles

Travertine has been loved as a building material for centuries by Europeans. It brings warmth and a luxurious feel to the home like nothing else. While sealing is recommended, it’s one of the more durable natural stone tiles which makes it an ideal material even for outdoors. Travertine hasn’t always been accessible to many in Sydney, as generally this material is limited to those with deep pockets. But TFO has been sourcing Travertine tiles from manufacturers in Turkey for a few years now and selling them cheaper than anywhere else in Sydney. You can purchase natural travertine tiles from just $25 /m2*.

Polished porcelain floor tiles

Polished porcelain tiles still remain to be one of the most popular options for floor tiles. Its reflective and smooth finish is beautiful and makes any area appear bigger than it really is. It’s extremely easy to maintain provided that it’s nano pre-sealed. They are a great option for interior floor tiles as well as bathroom wall and floor tiles. You’ll find the range of polished porcelain tiles starting from just $10 /m2 at TFO.

Come and visit TFO for the full range of Sydney’s best priced floor tiles or buy them online now.

*All prices are current as at 30 March 2015

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  • Caroline Cordy-Hedge February 27, 2017, 2:24 pm

    I know this is a long shot. We are looking for the tiles in the picture above. (Unbelievably we have rented this unit and loved the tiles so was blown away when we saw the picture on your site).
    Do you happen to know the name of the tile?

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