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Tiles – New Life For Leftover Tiles

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Is your tiling project finished? If so, you may find that as you stand back admiring your (or the person you hired’s) handy work you have a surplus of tiles remaining. Some of these may have broken into shards, others may be slightly chipped, yet others cracked. Or it could simply be that you have some tiles that did not quite fit into your tiling scheme the way you wanted. What now do you do with them?

Stash, Don’t Trash

First of all, if you have left over tiles in good repair, you may find it the course of wisdom to hang on to some in case you need to replace damaged tiles, or at least use parts of them to make repairs. But what else could the lonely tiles holed up in your garage do for you?

Head for the Border

Light weight wall tiles can be used to add a dash of spice to any room of your home in the form a border. For instance, do you have some leftovers after tiling your bathroom wall? Some of these could be used to create a border around the edge of your kitchen counter top or a fun border surrounding a closet. So grab those spare tiles, investigate, and create!

Too Hot to Handle to Cold to Hold

You can add some silicone to the bottoms of larger tiles to create a hot plate to protect your kitchen counters or table tops. Use smaller tiles to create coasters for your hot and cold beverages.

Hanging Around

Release your inner Picasso by taking a single, large, intricately designed tile and placing it on the wall in place of a painting or wall hanging. Add some accents to it with a border or even a frame. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, leftover tiles can gain new life.

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