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Nursery Flooring – Mums-To-Be – Making the Necessary Arrangements

Nursery flooring – ideas to consider for your little one

Are you are a Mum-to-be and have the urge to nest? Besides looking at all the fun stuff, like adorable baby clothes, functional and safe nursery items, why not think about the condition of your bathroom and your nursery flooring? Is your bathroom in good condition? Or are you looking at tired, old and possibly mouldy walls? Do you want to use brand new expensive items in this type of environment? What about you nursery flooring?

You want the best start for your new baby so besides the fun of buying all the new clothes and nursery items, why not start by renovating your bathroom and nursery floor by tiling them with allergy-free wall and floor coverings. These two areas will have high usage during the first few years of your new baby’s precious life so it will be worth it. Tiles are allergy free, hygienic, easy to clean and are the perfect wall and floor coverings.

Here are some helpful hints to help you create beautiful, healthy living areas for your new baby:

Gloss White Rectified Tiles in 300x600mm are most commonly used for bathroom walls. Rectified means that the tiles have straight edges and can be laid closer together creating a seamless look.
Using lighter colours makes the room look bigger and brighter.

Using Gloss or Polished tiles will make the room look bright and airy as Gloss or Polished tiles reflect lots of light.
Use the same colour tile in different sizes, 300x600mm on the walls and a matching 300x300mm for the floor will make the room appear bigger.
Add a feature on the wall and you will add panache and elegance to your bathroom. You can use one of the many marble or glass mosaics available. A row of mosaics from the floor to the ceiling is popular or even tiling a whole wall.

Coloured floor tiles 300x300mm in a matt finish are the perfect floor covering for a bathroom floor and nursery floors.

They are sturdy, easy to keep clean and resistant to slipping.

Using larger tiles will make the room look bigger because larger tiles mean less grout joints.
There are many things to consider for your bathroom and nursery flooring, so come meet our friendly staff who are eager to assist. Our showroom is located at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield, New South Wales, 2164 or visit our on-line store now for a great selection of tiles at the lowest prices on the market.

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