Floor Tiles Newcastle

Floor Tiles Newcastle

You have worked hard on your floor tiling project. But despite the sheen, luster, and smooth finish of your floor tiles, you can still catch your toe on the end of one due to what is called “lippage”. What is it?
Basically, when tile edges are uneven, you can see (or feel if your shoe catches one) a “lip” or protruding edge. This can diminish the overall look of your installation and detract from your décor. When you have narrow grout joints, which is usual with rectified tiles or are using large tiles, lippage becomes more of a problem.

Firstly, you should ensure that the products you chose don’t have any bowing issues to start with. It’s not extremely unusual to find some porcelain tiles that have bowing issues which would be hard to handle when installing them. When you purchase tiles, you should check the flatness of the tiles by putting the tiles face to face. If the two pieces perfectly join together, you shouldn’t have any problems. Thankfully at TFO, we carry out an extensive quality check before our tiles are sold in store.

Of course, the other important thing is to have a perfectly flat foundation. To achieve this, you may use sand and cement and a straight edge to screed the floor. A screeded floor foundation should be cured before the laying of the tiles starts. But this alone does not ensure that you will have a perfectly lippage free result in the end.

How can you further eliminate the risk of having a lippage in your floor tiles? One tip is to use leveling clips and wedges. What are they? A leveling clip looks like a plastic letter “T”. The head of the “T” goes under two adjoining tiles. The body of the “T” has a square hole in it. Into this, insert a wedge. When you push the wedge in, it will force the tiles down to the same level. What happens after the adhesive has set? You simply break off the top of the body of the “T” which contains the wedge. Your floor tiles should now be even.

TFO not only has more hot tips but also a wide range of tiles that will allow you to create that “look” you’ve been imagining. Let TFO lend their know-how and provide you with top quality materials for your floor tiles in Sydney. Visit our showroom or our online store today.

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