Floor Tile Patterns – Great Pattern Ideas

We all know that tiling your floor allows you to be creative—if only you could come up with an idea! Well, here are a few creative floor tile patterns that others have enjoyed.

Random is the Rage

You may have noticed that in many installations, the floor tiles patterns are actually created from one tile but cut into various sizes, laid in different patterns or directions. Let’s put that into perspective. Imagine your room with a two or three row border of 15 centimeter tiles, followed by some rows of 5 centimeter tiles. You now have a distinctive border around the room. What of the center? You could use 30 centimeter tiles arranged in a diamond pattern. The border and the center would be of a different color.

Floor Tile – “Strapping”

You can make interesting box designs using three different sized tiles, of two or three colors. For example, you can take a 60 centimeter tile, enclose it on four sides with thin 15 by 60 centimeter (rectangular) tiles of a second color. For the corners you could use square 15 centimeter tiles of the same color as the center tile, or of a third color.

Prearranged Patterns

In smaller areas, mosaic tiles (5 centimeters or smaller) can be purchased in sheets that have already been arranged into hexagons or octagons, as well as basket weaves, and dot patterns.

Eating Areas

You can demarcate an eating area by surrounding it with a tile border, then changing up the pattern inside to give it an area rug feel.

Another method is to use 30 centimeter matte (unpolished) tiles with 30 centimeter squares of glass mosaic tiles. You could make every third tile a sheet of glass tiles or even place them randomly throughout. The glass tiles will dance with color and create an attractive visual effect.

With a little creativity, you too can create floor tile patterns.

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