Floor Tile Installation

Floor Tile Installation – Choosing Patterns For Your Tile Installation

Creating a floor tile design gives you a license to get creative and design a pattern that not only looks good but “feels” good. But just like a map can help you when traveling an unfamiliar road, creating a tile design starts with a template.

Those in the know present several methods for creating a temporary template. One method is to cut pieces of cardboard to the size of the tiles you would like to install. Afterward, you can color these and lay them out, moving and twisting them until you get the desired pattern. After you purchase your floor tiles you can lay them out according to this design before installing them. Remember that installed floor tiles cannot be changed on a whim so it’s good to be happy with the design before committing to it.

You can also use tarp or brown paper to spread out and paint the design on as a sample. Look at it for few days and see how you feel about it. There is also software available that lets you create a tile floor design with the click of a mouse.

A word about patterns. An extremely complex pattern may dictate where you place your furniture in the room, for example if you use an area rug pattern. On the other hand involved designs give a room added flair and personality.

You can also include tiles of different sizes. For example, using smaller tiles of a complimentary color that combined together equal the size of your larger tiles can create an appealing pattern.

Tiles also do not need to be laid out in the same orientation. When using square and rectangular tiles, an alternating orientation can be used to create a new element in the pattern.

So plan and experiment. Doing so will help you to get a floor tile design that you are pleased with.

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