Difference between wall and floor tile

What’s the Difference Between Wall and Floor Tile?

What’s the difference between wall and floor tile? True, most tiles are sold as ‘floor tiles’ or ‘wall tiles’. Does that mean that you can use them for only one application? You’d do well to find out about the difference between wall and floor tile so that you can make your next project a success.

The difference between wall and floor tile may come from their technical difference or simply the visual difference. Some tiles are produced to be suitable for walls only because of its technical specifications. What’s the difference? Ceramic tiles that are produced to be used on walls are often produced with a lighter and softer body compared to ceramic floor tiles. They are both advantages as these tiles don’t put too much weight pressure on walls and they are also easy to work with especially in a bathroom where much cutting and hole drilling need to be done.

We have many examples of great ceramic wall tiles at TFO. In fact, the bestselling tile at TFO in terms of the volume sold are gloss white rectified wall tiles. Because of its clean pure white colour, it’s extremely versatile and they can suit almost any existing colour you may already have in your room. We also sell many types of smaller size ceramic wall tiles in many colour variations. If you have a DIY project and are new to tiling, we recommend that you use 200x200mm ceramic wall tiles as they are easy to handle and cut compared to larger size tiles. What else is the difference between wall and floor tile?

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The difference between wall and floor tile is becoming vaguer and vaguer because of the increasing popularity of porcelain tiles. That is because porcelain tiles have a much denser body enabling them to be used both for walls and floors. In fact, many customers who shop at TFO often buy the same tiles for walls and floors for their bathrooms. This actually works really well, creating a seamless, modern and luxurious look in the bathroom. So is there any difference between wall and floor tiles in porcelain tiles?

Some porcelain tiles are labelled as ‘wall tile’ or ‘floor tile’. Why? It may just be that they are advertised so because they look better or are more practical there. For example, in a bathroom application, as mentioned above, many decide to use the same type of tiles. But they often buy a 300x300mm size for the floor and a 300x600mm size for the walls. Why? Because the 300x300mm size is easier to work with to make a fall that would help water to drain properly. On the other hand, the 300x600mm size tiles are often preferred for the walls because laying wall tiles is usually straight forward and larger format tiles make the bathroom look bigger. In this case, the difference between wall and floor tile is just the size.

There are other types of porcelain tiles that are designed specifically with flooring use in mind such as some porcelain tiles that are produced with an anti-slip surface. But in reality, you can use any ceramic or porcelain floor tiles as wall tiles. On the other hand, if the tile is labelled as ‘wall tile’, it’s generally not suitable for flooring. Having said that, if it’s made of porcelain, there is a good chance that you can use it for flooring too, just double check with the sales person.

As you can see, there is not a great deal of difference between wall and floor tile any more. Most porcelain tiles can be laid both on walls and floors these days. But that means it opens up a huge opportunity for everyone to use their imagination and be creative. You can perhaps use some coarse outdoor floor tiles on internal walls to add a rustic feel to the room. You might like to use timber look tiles in your bathroom from the floor to the ceiling. You can also use large format porcelain floor tiles on internal walls to create a feature wall.

TFO is the best place in Sydney to shop for the latest and the greatest wall and floor tiles. TFO sells about 22,500 square metres of tiles every single week, making it the biggest single tile outlet in Sydney. Wall and floor tiles are all stocked on-site after being imported directly from manufacturers around the world. Because we don’t have a maze of middlemen, we save and the savings are directly passed on to you. The experienced yet friendly staff can not only help you understand the difference between wall and floor tiles but also help you to draw out your imagination, helping you to create the space you love. Some of TFO’s staff are experienced interior designers and colour consultants who can give you professional advice. Make sure to seek their guidance and make an informed decision.

Come today and visit TFO located on Cumberland Hwy in Smithfield, Sydney. You can also buy wall and floor tiles now on our online tile store.

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