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Cheapest Floor Tiles – Make Your Tiles Last

Even the cheapest floor tiles can last if you know which ones to install and where. When considering this matter, think about the traffic in your home.

Cheapest Floor Tiles – Walk about

The term “traffic” is not referring to the cars speeding down the road in front of your home, but the amount of “foot traffic” that will traverse the tiles. Based on this, experts have classified tiles for use in different areas. This is called the PEI rating (sometimes only called PE rating). What are these ratings?

Class 0 tiles are for use where no one will walk on them. These generally are very colorful, contain detailed patterns or the like since they will not be abraded or worn by traffic. It also means these tiles are delicate. Class 2 tiles, for example are considered appropriate for what is called “light traffic” which means not many people will walk on them but if they do they are not wearing steel-toed construction boots but soft-soled shoes like bedroom slippers.

For your living room, however, you may decide to use Class 4 tiles. These are designed for heavy traffic such as your children racing in for a drink with dirt on their shoes after playing in the yard. You might also decide to use it on a countertop where frequent wiping up of spilled salt and pepper and other abrasive substances might occur.


The cheapest floor tiles are not only choosy about who walks on them but also about how much moisture they are exposed to. For example, porcelain tiles have a low water absorption rate which means they will last longer. It also means they are frost-resistant. Water that turns to frost after being absorbed by a tile will damage it. So don’t leave tiles with a high absorption rate out in the cold if you leave in a frost prone area!

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