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Cheap Floor Tiles in Sydney

Knowledge is the key after you’ve purchased cheap floor tiles in Sydney and are preparing to install them. So what should you know? Here are some basic points.

Cheap Floor Tiles – The Grout

It is necessary to have grout, but not necessary for it to be grimy. If the grout is a darker colour it is easier to maintain as it doesn’t shout “clean me!” constantly. Moreover, since grout is available in numerous colours, you should choose a colour that blends in well with the tile.

Taking That First Step

You’ve installed your floor tiles, so when can you walk on them? It is recommended to wait until the grout and adhesive have dried properly. One reason is to prevent movement. How long is long enough? Check the manufacturer’s instructions on your epoxy and adhesive product.

Once in a Lifetime

Unglazed tiles will last longer in a high-traffic area, for example in your living room. However, tiles that are properly cared for and installed can last for a lifetime. So it’s wise to get it right the first time and you’re set. Maintaining your floor tiles need not be extremely involved. One basic rule of thumb is to avoid allowing dirt and grit to build up on the surface which will be ground into it, abrade it, wear off the glaze or otherwise. When using cleaning products and chemicals, the most important thing you can do is read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Generally these products are not “one type fits all”. Knowing your tile is also important. For example, glass tiles are impervious to water. This is a good thing. However, this means that moisture cannot escape if it is trapped beneath the tiles when they are adhered to the substrate. So check with your tile retailer to get the proper type of adhesive so mold does not begin to grow beneath them and dull their colour.

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