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Bullnose Tiles – No Bull

Bullnose tiles refers to tile with a rounded edge as opposed to regular tile with a square edge. Moreover, bullnose tile comes in several varieties.

The half-bullnose has a rounded or curved edge on the top, but the bottom remains rectangular or square. Looked at from the side, it looks like a quarter of a circle. A second variety is the double-bullnose also called full bullnose. With these tiles there is a single continuous curve from the top to the bottom of the tiles. This one, when looked at from the side, looks like a half circle. A third type is called Ogee-bullnose. These tiles finish with a somewhat straight edge on top, then dip into a curve similar to a skateboarders half-pipe, then finish out on the bottom with a curved bullnose edge. Lastly there are Beveled-bullnose finishes. They are similar to the Ogee-bullnose except that the curve is more like a slant. In addition there are variations such as waterfall with two humplike curves, cove, cove ogee, and flat ogee.

When would you use such tiles? Imagine that you are tiling your shower wall. Obviously the tile will sit higher than the actual wall it is being adhered to. To make for a rounded finish which is more aesthetically appealing and provides a smoother transition than a straight edge, bullnose tiles are used.

Kitchen countertops many times use bullnose tiles as well, especially when the counter top has an overhang because of sticking out over the underlying cabinets. The rounded edge of the bullnose tile makes the edge more subtle than the straight square edge. Due to its lack of a pointed edge, bullnose tile for a kitchen countertop will also be somewhat safer if there are small children who frequent the kitchen at high speeds.

Need more information on bullnose tiles? Why not visit your local tile store or a reputable tile factory outlet for further advice and learn more about the best and cheapest tile prices around.

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  • Jane February 7, 2016, 10:59 am

    I am looking for a timber look tile to use as a skirting, I want it to be profiled round on one long edge, i don’t want to just use a standard tile cut to the right height. Do you have or can you get such a creature????

    • The Guys at TFO February 9, 2016, 8:14 pm

      Thank you for your enquiry. After purchasing timber look tiles of your choice, you can get the edges rounded by a stone mason. However, doing so would exposed the body colour which is different from the surface. Another option is to use stainless angles to finish off the edges.

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