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Bullnose Tiles – Why You Need Them

Buy bullnose tiles from TFO, the largest tile outlet in Sydney at wholesale prices. Buy matching tiles or pavers and create a seamless appearance for your outdoors and indoors.

What Are Bullnose Tiles?

Bullnose tiles refer to tiles with a round edge. The material, the shape or the thickness vary depending on the use. TFO stocks travertine and other natural stone bullnose edge tiles in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.


Bullnose tiles are a perfect pool coping material. If an inground swimming pool is constructed of concrete, coping is necessary as it covers the bond beam and conceals the steel projecting from the pool’s walls. It also prevents the water from getting behind the pool’s walls. The bullnose coping should be slightly tilted away from the pool so that the water on the coping may drain away from the pool.

Travertine Bullnose

It is one of the most popular materials for outdoors which is available in both tile and paver styles. Travertine is a very enduring material as testified by Roman architectures that have withstood the test of times for thousands of years. The warm and rustic characteristics of travertine are truly unique and unmatched by other natural stone material.

Travertine is full of natural textures which provide grip even when wet. The light colour and its porosity also mean that travertine stays cool even on a sweltering day in summer when you are making the most of your swimming pool. For these reasons, travertine bullnose tiles are the best choice for your pool edging, especially if you are using travertine pavers or tiles for the rest of your outdoor area.

TFO directly imports travertine as well as pavers from some of the most reputable quarries in Turkey are made available at Sydney’s lowest prices. Buy bullnose tiles online now or come visit our store for the full range of natural stone bullnose tiles.

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4 thoughts on “Bullnose Tiles – Why You Need Them

    1. Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Sorry, unfortunately we do not stock matching bullnose for porcelain tiles. However, we have in stock natural stone bullnosing to match our natural stone tiles.

  1. I am looking for a timber look tile to use as a skirting, I want it to be profiled round on one long edge, i don’t want to just use a standard tile cut to the right height. Do you have or can you get such a creature????

    1. Thank you for your enquiry. After purchasing timber look tiles of your choice, you can get the edges rounded by a stone mason. However, doing so would exposed the body colour which is different from the surface. Another option is to use stainless angles to finish off the edges.