Tile – How to Replace a Damaged Tile

Whether your tile has been installed on the wall or the floor, the techniques for replacing damaged ceramic tiles are the same. Here are some tips for getting the job done safely.

Always wear gloves and safety goggles for protection against flying shards of tile.

As a first step, you will need to first clean out the old grout from the joints with a chisel or grout saw.

Then you will require a hammer and a cold chisel. A cold chisel can cut through cold metal. They are strong and heavy because they are usually made of tempered steel. A flat cold chisel is able to split bricks and stone almost as easily as it cuts metal. Use these tools to chip out the cracked tile and scrape away any old adhesive still clinging to the wall or floor. This will generate a lot of dust and debris which you will want to vacuum up before continuing so that there is a clean space for the new adhesive to take.

Afterward, use an adhesive spreader to apply adhesive to the wall or floor and also to the back of the new tile. Keep the adhesive about half a centimeter away from the edges.

Take the new tile and press it into the center of the space. Make the surface flush and even by gently pressing it down more. This could cause some adhesive to ooze up around the seams. Immediately clean up any excess. Next, secure the tile in place with masking tape. Check the recommended setting time for your adhesive.

Once the adhesive has properly set, remove the masking tape and dampen the joints. Next apply grout, forcing it into the seams with a wet finger. Before the grout sets, remove any excess.

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