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Renovating Then Selling

As a modern woman in today’s society it was an exciting if somewhat daunting experience to consider renovating and selling my home. So, I have put down my experience along with my thoughts to help you benefit from my experience of renovating then selling.

The thoughts of painting and updating to make my home look to all intents and purposes a ‘new house’ and not benefiting from all this work had me in mixed minds.

A plan was the best possible solution and finding local tradespeople to carry out the work essential to my mental well being.  Polishing floorboards and repainting became the first obvious decision for the bedrooms and lounge.  Next were the living area, kitchen, bathroom and laundry I decided on tiles!  However a firm decision was need on cost and quality. It was between Ceramic and Porcelain verses Marble or Travertine; should there be mosaics as features on floors and walls? In the end I took the advice of a friend who sent me to a Factory Outlet in Smithfield. It saved me a small fortune. I bought travertine for the price of a ceramic!

After the dilemmas and to be honest frustration of renovating, my beautiful home had indeed become a new house for someone to love.

Next on my big life decision agenda was finding the perfect agent(we all hope for but rarely get) to sell my new house and with a bit of luck, some gifted from the Irish, a wonderful new home of my own.

I first drove past Raine and Horne with their corner position and parked a little way up the road, on my walk back down I called into the selected agents grouped within nice walking distance of each other. I soon worked out this task was going to be perhaps a little more difficult than first anticipated.  However, all the agents were very polite and requested a property inspection for a better pricing of my home.

After serious consideration that incorporated the professionalism and understanding of staff, internet advertising, local newspaper and realistic pricing I came to the decision to sell my property with Raine Horne Burwood.

A successful campaign!  Insightful updates, professional marketing and inspections left me with a very positive opinion of my ‘Local Agent’, who also assisted me in the purchase of a beautiful new home.

This stress free experience with Raine & Horne Burwood made my transition back to the Burwood area that much easier. The added bonus of local café’s, central shopping and wonderful parklands made it a difficult but very rewarding decision. I hope my experience gives you the courage to do the same.

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