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How to Renovate on a Small Budget

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Home renovation can be one of the most satisfying projects. But it also carries its unique risks. Many first time renovators find that they underestimated the cost of renovations even after some careful research and budgeting. Some find out that a complete re-build would have been cheaper than to renovate. But budget renovation is possible and we are here to help you. One of the most expensive items you may need to purchase is tiles. If you have more than a hundred square metres of spaces to tile, you can easily pay up to $10,000 on tiles alone.

TFO can help your budget renovation

That’s why here at TFO, we are dedicated to giving you the best value for money on all kinds of tiles anywhere in Australia, which is why there is always a clearance sale.  Most products are imported direct from world’s leading manufacturers from Europe and Asia and are sold direct to you. Because we don’t go through the maze of middle man like all the other tile shops, the prices of tiles are kept to minimum passing great savings on to you. Many customers find that they can save up to 70% on normal retail prices by coming to TFO. That’s a significant amount of saving, and the more you buy, the more you save. Because everything is so cheap, you may even be able to afford normally expensive natural stone tiles. Travertine, marble or tiles can add not only an unforgettable look but also value to your home.

Are you thinking of renovating your outdoor space? It’s a good time to start thinking about it to get the project done before the summer holiday season arrives. TFO has a wide range of outdoor tiles and pavers and even pool tiles to refresh your outdoor space for your budget renovation. Turkish travertine pavers are extremely popular because of its earthy yet luxurious look and also the practicality. 30mm thinness gives these pavers strong resistance to cracking making it possible to lay without fixing them with cement. If you are thinking of installing a swimming pool in your backyard, we recommend our innovative dot-mounted pool mosaic tiles. They are designed specifically to be used in swimming pools.

Its design allows each piece to stick to the wall properly preventing them from poping out in the future. They are usually an expensive option. But you’ll find stunning dot-mounted pool mosaic tiles from less than $30 per sheet at TFO.

No matter what your needs are with your budget renovation, we got all your tiling needs covered. Come and visit us today or buy tiles on your fingertips at our online tile store now.

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