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Ceramic Floor Tiles – Why They Are Still a Viable Option

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Here at TFO we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tiles at the lowest prices available. We also are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest tile products on the market. In line with that determination, we’d like to introduce the latest editions to our ceramic floor tile collection. But first, why ceramic floor tiles?

It’s well known that porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic tiles due to the firing process. They are therefore more durable as a flooring option in areas of high foot traffic. If so, why should you choose ceramic? One reason, ceramic floor tiles are less dense, but this means they are easier to modify than their close cousin porcelain tiles. So when you need to cut a tile for corners, edging or otherwise need to trim it down, it can be done with a wet saw, snap tile saw, or even by hand. What is more, ceramic tiles are generally available at a lower cost.

Does this mean you can only use them on walls where the only foot traffic is from insects? No, they are still very suitable for areas of light to moderate foot traffic for indoor installations and yes, of course, on walls.

Having gotten to know ceramics a little better, consider the newest ceramic floor tile options available to you at TFO.

We have added three new ceramic marble look tiles to our collection, available in both a matt and a gloss finish. Introducing ‘Calcatta’, ‘Silver Vein’, and ‘Siena’.  This series of marble look ceramic floor tiles provides you with the elegant aesthetic beauty of a marble tile in a ceramic base. Streaked with delicate earth-tones and fogged with subtle hues, they are guaranteed to create a warm contemporary feel.

These tiles are all rectified or “sharp edge” tiles. This quality gives you the means to create stunning visual effects in your home decor. Like what? Well, since rectified tiles have been manufactured with such precision that they are all the exact same size, the tiles can be installed with a nearly invisible grout line. The result?  A sleek, seamless, symmetrical look. This is a highly prized look for larger tile installations.

But here at TFO we know that seeing is believing. So stop in at our Sydney TFO showroom to see our top quality collection. You’ll quickly discover for yourself our commitment to quality and our competitive prices. Not in Sydney? You can purchase from our online tile store and then get your tiles delivered! Compare prices online for savings hard to beat.

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