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Wall Ceramic Tile – Learn More About Ceramic Tile Precautions

When choosing tile, consider its composition as well as its texture, colour, and shape. Ceramic tiles come in different classifications based on their porosity, or how much water they absorb. Non vitreous tile is highly porous and absorbs a lot of water. Semi vitreous is moderately porous. Finally, vitreous tile is the least porous. Tile is also rated for use such as on floors and walls. Some tiles are dual purpose. Your retailer can inform you which tile is suitable for your use.

For optimum results, it is best to install ceramic tile over concrete, a fresh or cured mortar bed, or cement board. Similar to wallboard, cement board has a mortar core and is covered with a reinforcing fiberglass mesh. It is available in various sizes.


Be certain that the subfloor is strong and stiff to support the tile. It is recommended that you never install tile directly on wood. Wood, including plywood, expands and contracts, causing cracks. If you have a wood subfloor, install a waterproofing membrane. This will help protect the installation by absorbing some of its movement.

Installing tile on top of vinyl causes many problems. Vinyl has a slick surface that resists adhesives. It also may be cushion-backed or loose-laid. This will allow the tile installation to flex too much. Vinyl could also contain asbestos. Generally it is best to cover vinyl flooring with an underlayment recommended by the tile manufacturer. If the vinyl is severely damaged and needs to be taken up, get it professionally tested for asbestos and removed.

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