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Ceramic Floor Tiles Sydney – Use Durable And Stunning Vitreous Tiles

If you are in the market for quality ceramic floor tiles in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia, you have come to the right place.  Below is some valuable information you need to know.

Vitreous tiles are the least porous of the ceramic tile family. If you are tiling an area prone to a lot of moisture and splashing of water, choose vitreous tiles. Such areas could include kitchens, bathrooms, and even around outside areas like pools and fountains. Patios composed of vitreous tiles will also be more durable. Make sure to choose a variety with a slip-resistant rating for safety.

Vitreous outdoor tiles are especially important when used in areas that may experience frost in the winter. Vitreous tiles can withstand the freeze/thaw conditions. Tiles can be damaged by frost when the ceramic tile absorbs moisture through its pores, then the water freezes inside the tile when temperatures fall. Water expands when it freezes. Therefore this water, now turned to frost, exerts more pressure on the inside body of the tile. This internal pressure can become so strong that it is enough to actually crack the tile.

For locations characterized by below freezing temperatures at any time of year, it is essential to ensure that you choose ceramic tiles with frost resistance for outdoor tile installations.

On the other hand, choosing ceramic floor tiles that are vitreous, the right colour and texture, and the right price does not make a perfect tile installation. There are other materials that need to be considered. For example, suitable materials for the bedding adhesive and the grout joints are also important. There should be enough of a surface fall to prevent water from pooling on the tiles. Also, make sure not to incline the installation in such a way so as to increase the runoff toward your home which could cause other moisture problems. Moreover, frost damage is often caused by a number of other factors. Only a combination of a suitable tiles, grout, and other accessories can make tile flooring frost resistant.

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