Mixed Size Brushed Strips Mosaic Tile

Mixed Size Brushed Strips Mosaic Tile (300x300mm Mosaic Sheet)(#7811)

$15/Sheet (All prices are GST inclusive)

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338 Sheets

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Total Unit Price: $15.00

*Worried about getting this product home? Don’t!

We have some cheap delivery solutions that will be offered towards the end of your transaction. If you purchase mosaics only, you can have them posted to you Australia wide for a fee.

If you buy other tiles, you can have them delivered to you through a third party (Sydney metro only). If you live further away, check out www.tfo.com.au/delivery

We have many forklifts onsite and storemen who will be happy to load you up if you decide on the pick up option (no charge).



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11 days 7 hours ago

How do you work how many sheets you need if your space is 3.5sqm?

9 days 10 hours ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. You will need a minimum of 39 sheets.

8 months 19 days ago

are these all glass . I am looking at putting up a feature wall on one wall of shower/bath 1753 wide full wall with 1753 full bath front. want something very easy to clean but will look stunning.

The Guys at TFO
8 months 18 days ago

These mosaic tiles come with some glass and stainless steel pieces. They are both non-porous material, therefore the maintenance is very easy.