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Tile Clearance Warehouse Sydney – Save On Bathroom Tiles

Are you after a tile clearance warehouse Sydney? Whether you are considering remodelling the bathroom, perhaps replacing the floor of another room or augmenting the walls with a unique design to fit a new theme, there is a wide selection of floor, wall and mosaic tiles in our tile clearance outlet. Check out the great discount prices at our online store.

While many people might consider tiles only for the bathroom, there are many different places in the home that tiles can be used.  Using tiles in heavy traffic pathways (such as the front and back doors) not only makes cleaning those areas much easier but can add an attractive feature to your home at a low price. When you are thinking of changing or even remodelling part of your home, take into consideration how versatile, attractive and functional tiles can be. Come visit our tile clearance warehouse in Sydney.

The first and most obvious use of floor tiles is in the bathroom. These tiles can be found at many tile clearance stores or online (see the above link for Tile Factory Outlet).  But the use of floor tiles does not end with the bathroom. A high quality tile is not only easy to clean and stain resistant, but also adds a visually pleasing aspect to any room.

Timber look tiles are also available at many tile clearance outlets.  These can make any room, particularly the living and dining areas look great without all the maintenance of timber flooring.  Timber look tiles have grown in popularity in recent years and it is well worth considering these as an option for your flooring needs. We have a huge variety at our tile clearance warehouse Sydney.

Another great design idea is mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are available at many tile clearance stores. For example, TFO sells a wide variety of mosaics for very low prices. While most mosaic tiles are used in the kitchen and bathroom areas, their unique look and ease of installation make them a perfect choice for decorating the lower part of walls, particularly just above the floor to offset your wall and floor designs and bring out the best of both.

Of course, wall tiles come in many different varieties and choices which are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and other sections of your home when you want to combine a unique look with the practicality of wall tiles. Again, seek out specialized tile clearance outlets. Of course, most people will think of the bathroom and particularly the shower area when they consider these tiles, but remember that they do come in more than just good old white. There are hundreds of colour combinations as well as unique designs that can be used to create any pattern you wish to give your bathroom.  A wonderful designed look at a fraction of the cost.

Shopping for tile has never been easier, combining practicality with unique, brilliant design patterns means you can redecorate your home for a fraction of the cost.

The best tile clearance outlet in the Sydney area is at Smithfield.  Check out Tile Factory Outlet at