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Bathroom Renovation Cost Guide

If you’re looking for a guide to your bathroom renovation cost, then hopefully the following information will give you a better indication of what’s involved.

One of the key areas in any home is the bathroom. It’s crucial to choose the right products with the required design features and colours to suit your requirements and that all the measurements have been correctly taken prior to installation.

Things which have to be taken into account for the complete bathroom renovation cost normally include the safe removal and usually disposal of the old  bath, tiles, floor coverings, sink, pedestal, shower screen, toilet and cistern. Usually followed by a clean-up of loose debris from the old bathroom and making the area good in preparation for the new items. Then the final phase of plumbing and fitting of the new suite including the bath, mirror panels, sink, pedestal, toilet and cistern and finishing it with the fitting of the wall tiles, effective sealing between the bath and wall tiles and laying the new floor tiles.

Depending on the size of your bathroom you have costs which can vary quite considerably not only for the bathroom tiles and other fixtures but also for the renovation labour costs.

You would normally expect to pay between $1500 for those on a budget up for a small bathroom to $20000for those who are not. For a medium to large size bathroom the price would usually be between $3000 to $30000. It would of course depend on who was going to safely remove the old items and the professional tiler who was going to install the tiles and the plumber for all the plumbing reconnections.

The average bathroom renovation would take between two to three people between 3 to 5 days and accounts for approximately 40– 100 hours of labour. So getting a quote for all labour before the contractor starts is very important.

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1 thought on “Bathroom Renovation Cost Guide

  1. Bathrooms seem to be only second to the kitchen when it comes to cost in my experience. Thanks for this guide, much appreciated