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Sure Seal Products and Pool Areas

Sure Seal® Sealants have been relied upon worldwide for over 40 years to deliver unparalleled protection for tile and stone surfaces. Not only suitable for interior projects, our products— Sure Seal® 24/7 Stone Impregnator (water-based), Sure Seal® Impregnator – Penetrating Sealer for Grout, Tile and Masonry (Gold Label) and Sure Seal® Impregnator for Porcelain (Tiler’s Choice) have provided thousands of satisfied customers with proven, long-term protection for their pool surrounds, including pool coping and barbecue areas, from the effects of oil and water staining, mould and mildew, salt water, efflorescence and UV light. Our products let the surfaces “breathe” and don’t change the surface appearance. Substrates such as concrete pavers, sandstone, limestone, travertine and pre-cast stone are ideal substrates for treatment with our range of impregnators, which you will find around pool areas.

Consumers have a varied choice in sealers on the market today. Some prevent water intrusion; some purport to prevent oil and water penetration. Some can be used on certain substrates, but not recommended for others. So what are the basic differences between our impregnator/sealers and other types of sealers? The differences lie in application, curing times, surface conditions, warranties, longevity and performance and competitive pricing.

In application, some competitive products require the removal of any excess sealer before the surface dries. This surface drying can happen quite quickly requiring full attention of the applicator. How many times have you been involved in one task but your attention is diverted to another? If this happens during the application process, excess sealer left on the surface can cause hard-to-remove discoloration. Removal can be difficult, time consuming and expensive not even mentioning the added annoyance and inconvenience.

Our impregnator/sealers do not have these problems. Application is easy – one or two coats and no wiping off of any excess sealer on the surface. They dry invisible. Compare our application instructions with other sealers and you will see the differences.

Some sealers require “dipping” of the substrate in the sealer weeks before being laid and then sealed again once installed. With our products, it is one time application at time of installation.

Then there is curing time. Our products dry within a few hours and the homeowner can safely walk on the surface; full cure is within 24 hours and the surface is fully protected. Some competitive brands require weeks to fully cure leaving the surface vulnerable to staining.

Our products can be safely applied to damp areas without affecting the surface protection, curing times or surface appearance. Many competitive products require that the areas remain dry during the initial curing time and must be dry when applied or “blooming” of the surface can happen. Considering the changeable weather conditions encountered throughout Australia, the chance of rain or high humidity can sometimes be impossible to predict. With some competitive products, this leaves the applicator open to possible problems during and after application.

Our core business is the manufacture of competitively priced, specialised group of impregnators/sealers. Therefore, we don’t find it necessary to offer a huge range of very expensive sealers for various substrates which just confuses consumers. We also don’t offer a wide array of everyday cleaning products. We simply recommend the use of a low pH detergent if necessary to remove any oil stains. The choice of sealer and cleaner is left up to the consumer.

Reading the fine print in warranties offered by a number of manufacturers can be very daunting. Some offer years of protection against staining, etc., but only if numerous stipulations in application methods and maintenance are met by the purchaser. There are a number of disclaimers in the fine print. Many warranties require that a “certified” applicator be used for the sealing work in order to receive a warranty. This ends up being very costly to the consumer. With our products, you don’t have to have special training to apply the sealer—a contractor or novice DIY can apply them equally as well. We don’t require a certified applicator be used to apply our products. Simplicity of application –no confusing steps.

Longevity and performance. Consumers run the marketplace and with the availability of social media, it has become a small world. If our products didn’t perform as we state, word-of-mouth would have put us out of business years ago! Our products have been proven to perform as claimed and last for many years on all types of substrates. We strive to help not only the DIY but are always available to our loyal stockists for technical information to help them achieve the desired result for their tile and stone products. That is why we have thousands of satisfied, repeat customers worldwide and have maintained customer loyalty throughout the many years we have been in business.

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  • Luis December 29, 2016, 9:38 pm

    Hi there,
    We recently purchased the Egyptian /travertine pavers for our pool are in your store (they look amazing). I need to seal them. The sealer you have is is non slip and how often would I have to apply the sealer?

    • The Guys at TFO December 31, 2016, 12:54 pm

      Hi Luis, we’re so glad that you are happy with your products. Sealing will ensure that the natural stones will maintain their original look for a long time. Our SureSeal sealers don’t come with an anti-slip feature, however the texture of tumbled travertine pavers is effective enough and the sealer will not diminish that effect. The required frequency of reapplication depends on the traffic and the elements it’s exposed to, but impregnating sealers are much more durable than traditional sealers lasting at least 2-3years.

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