One of the Most Affordable and Versatile Adhesives - Nova Mastic

One of the Most Affordable and Versatile Adhesives – Nova Mastic

Nova Mastic is fast becoming one of Sydney’s best selling trade multi-purpose tile adhesives. It saves tilers 35% off the price of other brands. CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO TRY IT?

Nova Mastic white non-slump cement based tile adhesive is just one in a large range of innovative tile adhesives manufactured by Novatex Products. What makes Nova Mastic so special is that is has been specially formulated with great non slump capabilities, making it the ideal choice when laying large format tiles. Nova Mastic can be used over concrete that is at least 7 days old and screeds and renders after 16 hours.

Nova Mastic is universal in its use.  It can be used for both internal and external applications, even submerged situations such as swimming pools, making Nova Mastic the most universal and cost effective tile adhesive on the market today. There is now no need to use different adhesives for different applications as Nova Mastic does it all.  Internal and external walls and floors, drive ways and swimming pools.  It’s also great for mosaic tiling when the need is to start from the top and tile down.

Nova Mastic is ideal for bonding a large range of tile types including ceramic, fully vitrified, porcelain, natural stone, terrazzo, glass and mosaics and is ideal for application of tiles over Novaproof modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

Nova Mastic has low VOC content and meets Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements.

Novatex Products prides itself in designing new generation products. Nova Mastic is designed with new generation PFR technology (Polyfibre reinforcement), giving Nova Mastic superior sheer strength, impact strength and flexibility which is great for high trafficable commercial applications, such as airports and shopping centres.

Nova Mastic is just one of a large range of innovative tile adhesives you will get from Novatex Products.

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