August 2016

Kitchen Tiles

True, the kitchen is for cooking. It's not likely to be the venue for a card party or karaoke night. Still, your kitchen tiles should not only put the cook in a good mood, but make a positive contribution to your interior design. So what options are there? First, think about your floor tiles. Realistically Read More

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Tile Shops

Nowadays, there is no shortage of tile shops. But choosing one can be more difficult than choosing the actual tile itself. So, what makes TFO a cut above the rest? Tile shops should provide the latest in tiling options. Tile manufacturers need to keep a firm grip on their clientele, so this requires that they Read More

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Large Floor Tiles

Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What are large format tiles? What are the benefits of using large floor tiles? What should you keep in mind? Large floor tiles, called large format tiles, are not simply what appears "big" to our eye. It refers to any tile that is 600x600mm and above Read More

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Cheap Flooring Options

Let's face it, for most of us whether we are ordering a meal, restocking our wardrobe, or buying a house, we want maximum quality, quantity and benefits at minimum costs. The same is true when it comes to finding the cheapest flooring options for our home. However, cheap flooring options need not mean inferior quality Read More

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Kitchen Splashbacks

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? Are you considering installing a kitchen backsplash? You will no doubt be faced with a bewildering array of tile colours, patterns, and textures. But one option that has progressively regained its position at the top of the trending charts is large format tiles. But large format tiles Read More

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Travertine Tiles and Pavers

It's true that there are many options available for your home or business when it comes to creating paths and walkways through gardens, around pools, and even for driveways. Some seem to be very cost effective, such as tossing down some wood chips or gravel. But using pavers has definite advantages. Firstly, pavers are durable Read More

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

What is a kitchen backsplash? The answer is in the name - a tile installation that protects the back wall of your kitchen behind the stove or the sink from splashes of oils, sauces and other messy fluids that more than likely will not bring out the colour of your kitchen decor. Moreover, installing a Read More

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Stacked Stone Fireplace TFO

From time immemorial, the crackling glow of fireplaces have warmed not only homes but hearts. Close-knit families have gathered about it, and lovers have made vows before it. Even in homes where such notions are now considered old-fashioned, a fireplace still stands as a silent memorial to natural, aesthetic beauty. So how can you help Read More

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Cheapest Travertine Tiles

Travertine floor tiles are a top pick for many homeowners looking to upgrade their décor. What are some advantages of using travertine flooring, and what points should be kept in mind to get the full benefit from your installation? Before singing the praises of travertine, first consider why TFO should be your first choice for Read More

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