March 2015

How to Remove Tiles

Removing existing tiles may be the first thing you need to do in your tiling project. It is possible to lay fresh new tiles over existing tiles if you apply Davco Ultrabond first. But for the best result, we recommend removing the old tiles. Safety gear such as goggles, gloves and a mask Chisel Putty Read More

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How to Cut Tiles

The cutting of tiles is an essential part in your tiling projects. While we recommend that you use professional tilers for the best result, some small projects can be done DIY if you use the right tools and follow the right steps. Depending on the shape you desire to achieve, you will require a few Read More

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How to Keep Tiles Clean

How nice it is to have a newly renovated bathroom with your favourite tiles! A beautiful bathroom can be a cause of joy and also add value to your entire home. But renovating the bathroom is one thing, while keeping it clean is another story. Even if you use large format tiles with narrow grout Read More

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How to tile your kitchen splashback

Do you feel that your kitchen could do with a fresh start? There are many ways to freshen up your kitchen without overhauling your whole kitchen. One of the most effective ways is to change your kitchen splashback by newly installing beautiful mosaics. With so many variations to choose from, you’ll definitely find mosaics you Read More

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Dustless Powder Mastic

A beautifully designed house wouldn’t last long without the support of a strong foundation. Although mostly invisible, well designed foundations always play a vital role in all types of buildings. This is true for tiling too. Without the proper installation, tiles won’t perform as they are expected to. Finding the right tile adhesive and applying Read More

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European Tiles

Just about everything that comes from Europe seems more expensive. Cars, brand name fashion items and food ingredients, they all come with premium price tags compared to their local or Asian counterparts. The same can be said about tiles too. European tiles are marginally more expensive compared to locally manufactured or Asian products and sometimes Read More

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Bosco Timber Look Tiles by Pamesa

What do you think of Spaniards? Perhaps, fiesta, paella or bullfighting might come to your mind. When I once stayed with a Spanish family, I was blown away by their love for life and hospitality. People say Spaniards “work to live” unlike many in the developed world who “live to work”. I’m sure you'd agree Read More

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how to install a wall hung vanity

Wall hung vanities are great and the range is growing ever wider. They don’t just look modern but they are also practical. Think of all the space saved under the vanity. What about the ease of mopping without any obstruction on the floor? But for you to enjoy a wall hung vanity, proper installation is Read More

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