February 2014

Stack Stone

Stack stone is known by a few names like ‘stone wall cladding’ or ‘stacked stone’ to mention just two.  It is however, becoming one of Australia's most popular feature wall styles. As the name suggests, stack stone is made of tiny varying pieces of stone, stacked on top of each other. However, a brand new Read More

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Tiles for Bathroom

Are you building a new house or renovating your existing bathroom and you’re not sure how to choose the right tiles for your bathroom? Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney will give you a few pointers so your project comes out looking better than you could have imagined. When choosing tiles for bathroom floors and walls, you can Read More

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Buying Tiles

So the little lady keeps telling you, “we need to renovate the bathroom”, “the colours in the kitchen just aren't right.”  That means one thing, you need new tiles. You start out by looking at all the local tile shops around Darwin.  Sure, some of the clearance tiles are nice but THE PRICE!  You start thinking Read More

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Marfil Marble

Marble tiles have long been a popular choice in home design. For centuries, whenever mankind has wanted their houses to look more opulent, they have turned to this enduring, beautiful, natural product. Some like it for its feel, others for it rich veins of colour and yet still others for the cool temperature it maintains. For whatever Read More

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