November 2013


Glass, marble and metallic mosaics are the latest in decorating trends around the world. Did you know that mosaics have been used as a decoration material for over 4000 years. Starting with the use of stones, later on terracotta pieces were used in paving and much later coloured glass to adorn Churches and Mosques, one Read More

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Timber Look Porcelain Tiles

Why settle for tiles that only look like timber when you can have the real thing? Believe it or not, there are real benefits to having timber look tiles over actual timber. Consider some: Timber, though beautiful is very fragile and delicate. When it gets hot, it swells, when it gets cold, it contracts. When Read More

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Home Renovations

“Home” is a big word—so to speak. It includes many things such as your kitchen, bathroom, living room, patio area, and more. How can tiles help you give your home a needed face lift, increasing its beauty and value in the process? Let’s start with the kitchen. A kitchen splashback could be a consideration when Read More

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Granite Floor Tiles

Looking for high quality tiles that will not only beautify your home but that are able to take abuse in stride? Then granite tiles may be the choice for you. What makes granite unique? First consider its origin. Granite is born from hot magma. These high temperatures forge minerals together to form one of the Read More

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